London Bound

15 09 2011

Originally I was going to begin this blog post with a story about how excited I am to be heading off to London and to travel around Europe while establishing a career in teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I am very enthusiastic about all of this and I will get to it, but a funny thing happened to me yesterday as I was running my last few errands before departing.

I had to go by the Langara Family YMCA yesterday to pick up a reference letter and to drop off my old uniform, and as I was driving back home I decided to take a bit of a detour through Kerrisdale. As I was driving I was thinking to myself just how much I am going to miss working at the Y. The great people I met, the positive work environment, and just the energy of the place made it such a fantastic workplace (and before you accuse me of sucking up, I already HAVE the reference letters).  As I was driving I was forced to stop at a red light, and as I looked to my left I spotted the Your Bin Disposal bin truck that I used to drive for about a year. Quickly all the memories of driving the truck came flooding back and, while there were some positive ones, I was hit with a significant sense of relief. Its not that I didnt enjoy bin truck driving, or even working construction. I met some fantastic people along the way and learned many new skills, but what I came to realize in that moment is that I was much happier working in the education sector. The work I did at the YMCA over the last 6 months has allowed me to get back into the world of education and now I truly feel that the next step is to pursue the teaching career I have wanted for a while.

The past few days have been incredibly emotional for me and I’ll be honest, leaving is very tough. Vancouver is my home, plain and simple. It is the place I grew up, the place I met a lot of amazing friends, and the place I hope one day to return too. Whether thats 2 years from now or in retirement I’m not sure yet, but I do like the city and all of the people I have met there.  So before I start discussing London I want all you Vancouverites to know that you will all be missed. In particular my parents, who have been incredible through my year of transition, helping me out however I needed, and being exceptionally supportive of my decision to go overseas. I also want you all to know that despite the fact I’m across the pond, I will do my best to stay in touch, and if you find yourself over my way don’t ever hesitate to contact me.

So off to London it is!  As I left Vancouver this morning I was a little sad to be heading off, to be leaving loved ones and the city. But now, as I sit in the Calgary airport on a 6 hour stopover, I am starting to get very excited for my new opportunity.  I suppose the phrase “the world is your oyster” has never been so appropriate, given the name of the card you use to get onto the London tube!  The saying does mean a lot to me right now though as I know that out there in the big, intimidating city of London, there is a lot of opportunity, and it is now up to me to go and find it.  I know that there is a chance things dont work out in London, and I am certainly very fearful of that possibility, in a good way. I think the fear of failure will help me succeed in the sense that it will motivate me to get out there and meet people, to go after the jobs I want, to make the absolute most of the London experience.

I will be doing my best to update this blog as regularly as I can. If you have any requests or questions about what you would like me to talk about then feel free to ask. I think its the best way to communicate with a large group of people and I hope that at least a few do get some enjoyment out of it.

Talk to you again from Europe!




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16 09 2011

Hi Jono, wow, great use of your time enroute to write us a note! really enjoyed the read, the blog, looking forward to more adventures from the other side of the pond – technology allows you to be not too far away from everyone. Cheers to skype.

17 09 2011
Sharon G

Keep writing!

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