The Oxford Adventure

18 05 2012

The second part of Dad’s trip was a bit nostalgic for both of us as we went to Oxford for a few days. As some of you may remember we lived there from August of 1998 to July of 1999 so the visit was filled with memories for both of us. The purpose of this trip was purely pleasure as we arranged a walking holiday around the city and the county of Oxfordshire.

Notwithstanding the weather being typically British (ignore what I said a couple months ago about great weather!) we made the most of our time together and set out on a 16 mile walk on day 1. We began in the small town of Abingdon and walked back towards Oxford along the River Thames, a beautiful walk in the picturesque English countryside, only briefly interrupted by dirt bikers, other walkers, and the occasional British pub. A perfect day, and a great opportunity to catch up with Dad, although he did not let me forget the fact that I quickly fell asleep when we returned home and he was able to stay awake despite being almost 40 years my senior and jet lagged!

Day 2 in Oxford was centered around the big Oxford v. Cambridge boat race that takes place every year. It just so happened we were in Oxford for the event so we thought it was a good excuse to go to the pub at 230! We spent the morning walking around the outskirts of the city, stopping by the two places where we lived some 14 years ago, and then ended up watching what turned out to me one of the more eventful boat races of all time (if you didn`t see it click here to watch the highlights). Although it was not the best race I have ever seen it will certainly be one I will never forget.

After spending some time in Oxford it really began to feel familiar again on day 3 as we walked through the town so we could catch the bus to Chipping Norton and walk in the Cotswolds. While the other two walks we did were beautiful in their own right, the Cotswolds were stunning. The views of the countryside seemingly went on forever and the scenery felt like something out of a classic English novel or poem. This walk ended up being close to 20 miles and was perfect until the last mile when I managed to step in deep puddle of mud! With my shoes covered in mud we managed to trek to the pub for a much deserved pint before heading back into Oxford.

We spent one more day in Oxford, and I will discuss that in detail in my next entry. It was wonderful to get back to a city that was a significant part of my childhood and to spend more time appreciating the countryside, something I neglected to do as a 14 year old!

Attached are a few pictures from the Oxford Adventure,




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